Here's the Sign You've Been Looking For!!!


Ever hear a small whisper in your head?

Or sense a clear directive of 'no, don't do it'?
You are not alone!
We are born with the ability to experience a sense of knowing. People of all ages describe feeling nudges or a sense, and experiencing messages from the universe. It happens randomly, and is usually unexpected.
During challenging times, when it's easy to feel lost and confused, sometimes advise from well-meaning friends helps, but it doesn't quite feel right. You want to connect more with yourself, to find your truth.
How many times have you been told to --->
Trust your gut, but it's not telling you anything!
Let's say, you have a current situation that frightens you. What if you trusted that you could access this sense of knowing anytime you want to have clarity or an insight?  Now you can!


We invite you to -

Effortless Ways to Access Your Wise Mind

with Sanna Carapellotti, M.S. and Susannah Azzaro
                           energy psychology practitioner         ~       yoga and meditation instructor



Attend any or all four classes as our gift to you!

                                                  Four Wednesdays: July 29, August 5, 12, & 19;    7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

                                       On ZOOM; Limited space. You must register to attend!

                                                                                         Free your mind classes designed for big times!

Woman cooking lunch
#1. Tap Away Mind Clutter to Access
Insight and Strength

Discover a 3-minute Emotional Freedom Technique to stop racing, wild thoughts and find peace and solutions fast!

#2. Eliminate Obstacles Preventing
Personal Success using Self-Hypnosis

You can't solve problems thinking in the same old way. Free the mind by learning how to re-program yourself & be clear.


#3 Honoring Your Ancestors Through Visualization & Asking for Guidance

Every family shares consciousness tragedy and triumph. Discover how to carry their strength for difficulties you face.

Couple making dinner
#4 Practical Meditation Anyone Can Do Even if  You Only Have Five-Minutes

If you shy away from meditation,  class #4 guides you to learn the skills necessary to tap into wisdom & healing.

Yes! You belong here!